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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review: Korres Mineral Fondation

Happy New Year's Eve!
I can't believe it is the last day of 2011. Wow...It was an amazing year to me. Lots of things happend to me and God led me through all those harsh times and so as wonderful times.
I know pretty much everyone is going out tonight for countdown and parties, but I am going to the church to celebrate the New Year's Day and also have time to look back 2011.
Hope you guys have a wonderful time today :)

Alrighty, then let's get started on the reivew!
Today, I'm going to post a review on Korres Mineral Foundation.
This is my sister's but I use it sometimes when I feel lazy to put all the makeup; especially nowadays since I have been just resting at home and see the doctors.

Here are the pictures!

The model number is #2 Fairly Light.
It is Wild Rose mineral foundation with SPF 30. 
My sister's skin tone is slightly darker than mine so it is a bit dark for me.
However, the foundation itself looks very natural on skin.
This was my first time trying power type mineral foundation so I had quite a hard time applying onto the skin since I had no idea how to disperse the powder nicely onto the skin with a brush.
If you are not used to powder foundation then you should calm down first and be gentle with your brush or sponge. Because if you do not disperse it well then your skin tone will look uneven.

Coverage & Duration: It covers really well. You will see the difference in the pictures below. I took those pictures after 8~9hours of applying. It definitely stays for a long time looking fresh.

(Before & After Pictures)

As you can see in the pictures, it covered up the redness and a few freckles on my face.
It looks very natural on skin so it would be a perfect solution for those days when you are not doing anything special. I went to see my doctor yesterday and this mineral foundation was everything I put on. 

It would be really good for sensitive skin as well since my sister finds it okay and is not having any troubles.
Also dry skin is fine to use this! I only put compact powder on T-zone since that is where I find it oily than other areas. If I put the compact powder on whole face then I would not survive throughout the day. 
However, this powder mineral foundation didn't cause me any suffering from dehydration which is pretty amazing for my skin type.

(It is a bit yellow on me due to the owner's skin tone.) 

After all, I am satisfied with Korres Mineral Foundation.
It satisfied me on coverage, durability, and hydration parts!
I am giving you 4 out or 5 stars (just because I am not sure how it will look with full makeup and the durability afterwards.)

Happy New Year everyone :)
Have a lovely day!

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