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Saturday, 26 November 2011

No.1 Brown makeup

 Hi guys, I'm Jenny.
This is my first post and I hope it lasts long because I have had a few blogs created but ended up not posting anything on there..haha Sometimes I really get lazyyy to take pictures and load them up to the computer.
It takes too much time and takes a while to post a single blog.
However, I'm finally posting this one. Hope you guys find it helpful and like it :)

#1. Brown

I was going to take a video of this makeup but it didnt work out well. I took a lot but then it was so awkward speaking in front of camera to myself. I think it will take some time for me to get used to taking a video.

Used products:

1. Benefit Erase Paste NO.2 Medium

This Erase Paste concealer is really amazing and covers well. From what I have used in the past, I think Erase Paste is the best one out of all so far.
Apply this concealer on wherever you need to cover up like darkcircles, blemishes, and breakouts.
I don't have darkcircles which I am really thankful so I only put a small amount on over red spots.

2. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream NO.23

This Missha BB Cream is a bit dark for my skin tone but I got it as a present so why now right? When I first started putting makeup on, I started with this BB Cream. At that time, I did not know any other brands nor I was interested in looking for another one. After using a different kind, this one is not that great as the other one which is from SKIN79, (I'll post a review on this product later) because of the scent. It has strong BB Cream smell and it stays for a long time, but coverage level is really good. A lot of people say that it has a darkening problem after a few hours of applying, but I didn't notice that.

                   3. MAC eye shadow - Retro Spek

I use Retro Spek for my base eye shadow for pretty much all of my makeup. It is shimmer beige color tone and it goes well with all diffrent types of colors as well. Apply this to the whole eye lid up to the brow bone area. You could use your finger tip or a shadow brush, but I prefer a brush.

4. CLIO caramel color eye shadow

I lost the lid and the label at the back is all faded away so I have no idea what it's called. However, this product is similar to the MAC Casino. After the base shadow, apply this just above to the double lid line, so when you open your eyes you could see a tint of caramel color.

 After all the eye shadows.

5. TONYMOLY highlighter - STAR LIGHT
 This highlighter is hard liquid type like the one from BENEFIT.  Personally, I prefer powered type highlighters because they don't give you the oily look as the liquid ones. For today's makeup, I used this on the bottom inner corner of the eyes for highlighting. It is definitely hard to explain without the specific pictures, but you'll be able to see the pinkish white highlighter on the bottom inner corner of my eyes. 
6. Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner -Black
 I love Maybelline Gel eyeliner! I was using MAC  before but one day I saw a review of this liner and purchased it right away. So far, I'm loving it and I have the brown one as well. 
7. Maybelline Mascara - Black
 I saw tons of reviews of this mascara but I don't think it is working on me as it does on other people. I find this a bit heavy so my eyelashes always go flat after a while. However, it gives more volumzied  look so I'm happy with that. (I will post more reviews on different types of mascaras.)
 From the side view.

8. Dior Poudre Shimmer


This Dior highlighter could be used as eyeshadows. It has five different shades and it is very shimmery. But I prefer the highlighter from the Balm. I will post a review on that later.

9. BENEFIT Brow kit medium
Before this brow kit, I was using just shadow for eyebrows. It was okay but Benefit brow kit is way more easier and convenient for shaping eyebrows since the left side is wax based substance. You could use the angled brush which comes with the kit to draw eyebrow shape perfectly and then fill the empty spots with the shadow.

10. Benefit Dandelion blush
Dandelion is baby pink tone blush and this gives you more of younger look and fresh look.
If you want more blush tinted look then apply this a few times.

11. Dior Rouge - Diorama 66

Finally to the lips!
This Diorama lipstick is coral tone lipstick. The color is very natural so it is good for daily makeup too. So far, I am using this everyday haha :) I had hard time finding the one that I really want last time when I was shopping for lipstick. I tried on so many so my lips looked like I had some kind of surgery haha Anyways I'll post a color review later too!

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