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Saturday, 17 December 2011

What must be in your makeup pouch?

Hi, I have not been able to post for a while..
Now that I have time, I will post more and more!
I got into a car accident two days ago and I'm not feeling very well... It is not a serious injury but my whole body is really sore and I can't laugh out loud because of the pain in the chest and rib area.
Anyways, I will post this really quick and then lie down on the bed again.

Today's post is about the items that you must carry in your pouch all the time.
Have a look at the picture below :)

1. Lip Balm : (Kiehl's Lip Balm) My skin is dry and I always have to have lip balm with me. Kiehl's lip balm is complimented for its moisturizing effect. It could be any other lib balm as long as it gives you lots of moisture. 

*Tips: Many people have a huge Vaseline lip balm at home. You don't need to carry the huge case in your purse cuz your purse is already heavy enough with a cosmetic pouch and wallet. If you have a samll empty case like the ones you get it from Body Shop, pour some of the Vaseline into that case. Then there is your lip balm that is refillable at home and super moisturizing like the one below!

2. Pencil Eyeliner : (Stila waterproof pencil eyeliner): I use gel eyeliner at home but if it is easier and faster to fix makeup with pencil eyeliner outside. I recommend Bobbi Brown pencil eyeliner and Make Up Forever pencil liner. 

3. Rollerball Perfume :  (Marc Jacobs Daisy) This is my first rollerball perfume and I find it really convenient.  You could just roll it on your wrist or behind your ear after a meal or whenever you need to. The size is just perfect to fit in your pouch!

4. Concealer & Compact : (Benefit Erase Paste #2 & Diorskin extreme fit supermoist #10) These two are the must items that you need to carry in your pouch. During a day, there is always a need of retouching your makeup; therefore, these two items are must have items in your pouch!

5. Eye shadow : (MAC Retrospeck & Goldmine) If you are going out after work or so then it is always good to have them with you in a pouch for re-touch up. 

6. Heel silicone gel : (Small ones for the sides) I barely wear heels now but my feet hurt in flats as well. My weird feet structure is genetic so it was in the shape of the pointy heels ever since I was in elementary school.  I don't have any complaints about my feet but if my shoes are not comfortable then I cannot walk for a long time. Anyway, a lot of girls get pain from heels so I find it helpful to have these silicone gels with me all the time. 

It took me two days to post this because of my neck and back pain. I cannot sit in front of the computer for more than an hour right now. I had a really bad headache yesterday and I just stopped writing it after fifteen minutes. Guess I have to go and see a massage therapist tomorrow. 

Have a good night everyone :)

p.s. Btw, how do I turn the picture counter-clockwise? hmmmm Is it because of its size? hmmm..

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