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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MAC Haul!!

I went to Metrotown today with my boyfriend, Dave, and did a makeup shopping at MAC.
Only at MAC today =)
The one in the middle without the box is a new one as well but was purchased a few weeks ago in Seattle.
Anyhows, I am going to show you what I got today and write some comments about them.

Fix Plus, Paint Pot (Groundwork), Mega Metal Shadow (Dalliance), Eye Shadow (Beautiful Iris), Lipstick (Please Me)

1. Fix plus

Fix plus really is a great makeup spray for holding your makeup all day long and moisturizing your skin after makeup. You could use it before or after makeup. I prefer to spray it on my foundation brush and sponge. Whenever I need to spray it on my face, I hold it about 30cm away from my face and then spray it. If you hold it too close then it will leave some spray marks on your face like tear dorps. Fix plus gives a lovely, luminous finish to your skin, but you don't want to spray too much since your skin will look too oily all the sudden.

2. Paint pot - Groundwork
I have never used MAC Paint Pot products but I have a feeling that I'm going to fall in love with Paint Pots. It looks very natural on the eyes so you could easily use this as a base shadow.It is creamy but it dries really quick like eye shadow primers. I love the fact that it doesn't crease and it stays on all day long.

3. Eyeshadow refill pan - Beautiful Iris
Left: Dalliance  Right: Beautiful Iris
I finished my Retro Speck (MAC eye shadow), but then ended up getting a full new one instead of a refill pan. Therefore, I got Beautiful Iris to refill my shadow case! It is cool tone of lavender with light shimmer. I saw lots of great reviews on this product saying it goes well with natural, colorful, and also smokey makeup. Since my boyfriend and freinds want to see me adding more colorful colors in my collection, I'm starting with this lovely light purple color shadow!

4. Mega Metal shadow - Dalliance

Metal Shadows are back! MAC had their fist metal shadow colletion in 2007. They have a new collection now called Metal-X. You should go check them out! Dalliance is from Peacocky collection and it is a pale gold with slight greenish undertones. I got this at Seattle Premium Outlet for $15 including tax. Amazing deal right?!! It is very versatile as of you could use this with black shadows for real dark smokeys or taupe to create more natural looks. I think it is somewhat similar to Retro Speck in a way of their color tones. However, Dalliance is much more metallic and heavier looking shadow.

5. Matte Lipstick - Plase me
Plase me is really popular in Korea apparently because of this actress underneath. I'm not sure if you could fully see her lip color but she is wearing Please Me and that is how it got popularized.
Anyways, I wanted to get a pink tone lipstick so I searched lots of reviews and decided to get this!
I personally do not like girly girl colors whether its cosmetics, clothing, or interior design stuffs. But as I made a comment above, my boyfriend want me to try out more bright tone of makeup. Please Me is not bright colorful pink but it gives you a look of pure girl look. One important fact is that you must put lip balm beforehand since it is super matte and chalky.

The last picture of today!

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