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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas presents :)

After the Christmas event at church, we had an exchanging gift time (like a secret santa). 
I got a 2010 purple diary which I really wanted!! yay :) I picked my boyfriend's sister and so did she. It was funny how she was actually planning to get me eye shadow at first, but I ended up getting the one I wanted in Seattle so she had to change her original plan. The second plan was hand lotion but I bought hand cream for her and myself from Crabtree & Evelyn since the deal was really awesome (1 for $22, 2 for $36, and 3 for $44). I got three of them and gave one to my boyfriend's sister. Guess what then? She had to change her plan again hahaha

I never used Crabtree & Evelyn products until yesterday. My skin is really dry so I have to always carry hand cream and lip balm. Also, I am very sensitive about scents too. I'm the type of person who gets headaches with too strong perfumes or any cosmetics. Those two in the picture are my favourites and so as Citron one. This time, I bought two Pomegranate and one Summer Hill. 
If you are in need of hand lotion then I highly recommend you to try Pomegranate one. It smells really nice and its scent stays for a long time; also moisturizes your hands well. 

Oooops the picture is upside down. (Again, can't turn the pictures around uploaded form iphone)

Taadaa! I got a $10 gift card from the church. There was Bible quiz time during the event and the prizes were three gift cards. I got one of the questions correct so I won this prize :) 

That purple diary is what I got from Michelle (my boyfriend's sister). Love it!!! Thanks Michelle!
The last one is a book called Radical. It is a must read book. If you are a Christian, you must read this book. I am not a big fan of reading books except Bible but I love this book. I haven't started yet but I know I'm gonna love it since I heard what it's about it from my sister and friends. 

Taadaaaaaa! Look what I got from my sister. She got this from her co-worker but she doesn't use mascara so she gave them to me! I love Dior's mascaras especially Dior Iconic. 
This Lash Amplifying Duo comes with a primer and a mascara. It is a mini size kit which makes them look even more adorable. I am becoming one of Diorholics.. I love Dior's eye shadows and lipsticks..
Can't wait for their limited Spring 2012 collection...!!!!!

It is going to be a busy day tomorrow so I better wrap it up now!
Hope everyone has a good night =)

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