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Thursday, 22 December 2011

No.3 Light daily smokey look

Today, I'm posting a tutorial about a real natural smokey makeup. As you see more of my posts in the future, you will notice, a lot of the time, I only wear natural daily makeup. Not that I don't wear heavy makeup at all. I cannot wait to post a review on my new Dior lipstick. It is a lovely coral color you could put it on everyday.

Used Products:

Products list (from left to right)

1. Dior Shimmer Powder -  no.2 amber powder
2. Benefit browkit - medium
3. Dior Rouge - Diorama 66
4. Benefit Erase paste -  no.2 medium
5. Vaseline Lip Balm (I placed it in the Body Shop sample case)
6. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream - no.23 natural beige
7. Stilla Naturaleyes eye shadow palette - (used colors: 1. Kitten & Bare 2. Sunset 3. Sandstone)
8. Too Faced Naked eye palette - (used color: Like a Virgin)

Let's start!
My bare face...haha I look really tired without makeup. I cannot remember the days I didn't wear makeup.. How did I go out without makeup in those days? haha

I usually don't get any skin troubles as I mentioned before. But, when I get really tired or do not eat healthy then I get skin troubles spots between my nose and upper lip. I have visible marks which won't go away now :( This is the part where I have to apply a concealer everyday. 
Here, I used Benefit Erase Paste.

Next step is BB cream. I use Missha Perfect Cover BB cream no. 123. (Natural Beige) 
I apply it with a foundation brush after spraying MAC Fix Plus on the brush and I also use a makeup sponge to get rid of brush marks. This BB cream has a better coverage than other BB creams but its unique BB cream scent stays for a long time which I don't favor. 

After concealer and BB cream

1. Apply mix of Bare and Kitten to eye lid as a base shadow.      
2. Apply Sunset on the lash line and under the eye; then blend well.
3. Apply mix of Sandstone and Like a Virgin to crease and blend well.                      

 After the eye shadows

Apply Dior highlighter on T and C zones and also on chin.

Next step is eyeliner and eyebrows.
I use gel eyeliner which lasts long and is waterproof.
Benefit eyebrow kit is really convenient to draw and define your eyebrows. You could use the wax shadow (left one in the kit) for defining your brow shape and then use the regular shadow on the right to fill empty spots.

Next step is lipstick with lip balm.
You could use a lip brush for a lipstick whichever way works better for you. If you find your lipstick too matte then apply lip gloss or lip balm on top of it.

** I forgot to put mascara on. Sorry teehee.

Good night :)

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