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Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Winter surviving tips #1 ♥

Hi everyone :) Today, I am going to introduce you the first part of my winter surviving tips! 

I get cold super easily.. On a fine winter day when people say the weather is actually not that cold, I still shiver a lot. I have to wear lots of layers during winter time...
However, I don't like wearing too many layers underneath my coat or jacket so Dave always gets mad at me. Dave got me this Canada Goose jacket, Montebello. It is warm compared to other jackets and I think it is the best winter jackets ever! (I still freeze in Canada Goose though :( ... )

This is Canada Goose Montebello. It is 100% down filled and water resistance which is really great for Vancouver weather. It rains the most of the time.. :( sigh sigh 
The fur (Coyote fur) on the hood is detachable so it is really up to your preference.

If you wish to have a more defined waistline then you could pull the string and adjust the look. 
Montebello has two big pockets in the front which are really handy. The pockets fit lots of things; my phone,  gloves, compact, lip balm, etc. There are also pockets on the bust area, arms, and inside the jacket as well. 

There are so many great reviews on Canada Goose jackets, but I haven't really searched for any since Dave   bought this and he was the one who searched all the information. 
He says he is the master of Canada Goose now ;) haha He told me there are lots of online stores selling Canada Goose products as well but they might sell fakes unless they are authorized Canada Goose retail.
Anyhow, there are lots of environmental issues about the production but I will not get into that part.

I wear it everyday, no joke! I love it and I want to say thanks to Dave.
I know Dave spent so much time on searching reviews and types of products that suit me the best. 
As he wishes, I will try to wear more layers and eat more!! 

If you are looking for a winter jacket, then this is the one to go for :P


  1. Hmm two layers of pants would be my suggestion jen

    1. Honey...two layers of pants only work on the days to see doctors...hahahaha