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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Review: Saje products

Hi guys :)
I am posting a review on Saje products that Dave gave to me as New Year's present.
Saje products are 100% derived from nature like plants and fruits. It says on the website that their mission is to connect with the healing power of plants. 
I went to Saje on Robson Street which opened up around a month ago or two. It is a tiny store but has lots of products that you will enjoy!

They are having a Boxing Week Sale until January 5th. If you have time then you should go and take a look!

People love good deals and so do I. When one of the employees told me about the sale, I actually focused on my shopping. These are the ones I got!

Clay Comfort Healing Neck Wrap
Pain Release Analgesic Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Mist (Refresh)

The first thing I saw was all different types of facial & body mists.
Dave and I tried a bunch of different mists in the store (well..I sprayed two types of mists on each side of Dave's face haha) When I go shopping, I am more interested in cosmetic, facial products than anything else. 
Guess what then? I was only looking at the mists in the store but Dave saw this clay wrap and pain relief oil products. All the sudden, he got so excited and picked out the wrap and oil.

At first, I did not want to get those two but after listening to his explanation........haha
He's been worrying a lot about my health and condition after the accident so he convinced me that these were the must have items to release my shoulder and neck pains. 

So far, I am in love with them.

It contains the clay pack and washable neck wrap.

 You have to put the pack in the microwave for 1 minute. If you think the temperature is good for you then put the pack in the wrap like the picture above. If you microwave the pack for more than a minute at once then it might blow up so make sure to check the time! There is an instruction on the box and on the pack as well. 

There is also effects written down on the box for both of cold and hot use. Read it over before using the pack!

 For added relief, you could use Pain Release Oil prior to putting the pack on your shoulder. It smells like herbs. It could be strong for some people but there are a few different scents so choose whichever one works out for you!

Roll the Pain Release Oil on the area where you have pain or feel stiff. Then put the pack on the shoulders!
The herb scent of the oil brings out a better result since I feel like it relaxes my stressed out feelings and tightened up muscles.

Let's move on to the mist!
I got the Aromatherapy Mist - Refresh.  It has a scent of mint and it is very refreshing once sprayed on the face. The scent is not strong and it has good hydration too! 
It definitely does refreshes your skin and your mind as well. I use it all the time now; right after washing my face and before going to bed and whenever I feel like using it. 
Because of the mint ingredient, it feels very cool as in temperature wise outside. 
You might say it is because of the weather but it is different feeling from winter air. It feels really fresh and cool like right after washing your face with cold water. 
One more thing is that I feel like it tightens up the pores due to the coolness. 

I have not sprayed on the face with full makeup but it was fine on foundation. 

If you are looking for products that are healthy, fresh and made with natural ingredients then I highly recommend Saje. These three are my first items and I am in love with them. 
If you have sensitive skin then it might be a good idea to check out Saje too!

Have a good night =)

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  1. hi! I really want to get one of those, but can you tell me where did you buy those products?