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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Beautiful purple tone makeup♥ 보라색톤 메이크업.♥wmv

Hi everyone :)
I am back with another makeup tutorial! I posted this on Youtube 4days ago and I am uploading another video right now! 

This is such a lovely purple tone makeup for spring! You could always tone it down a bit and make it brighter with pink eye shadows! It is still cold in Vancouver so I used some dark shades on the outer edges.

My friend is going to the States tomorrow and I asked her to get me a few makeup products.. haha
(cuz it's a lot cheaper in the States! :P )
But anyways, I should be posting more and more on my blogs too..I always save them as a draft but never get to actually post.. haha my bad

Here is the look!

Hope you guys like it and if you have any questions please leave comments below or on youtube, facebook! You could also send me an e-mail! 

Thanks guys :) Have a good night<3

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